An Overview of Righteousness

I am the righteousness of God.  I did nothing to earn or deserve the righteousness I have become, but received it as a gift.  I was born a sinner from the corrupted seed of Adam.  Sin was more than a problem I had or something I tried not to do.

Sin was my nature.  I was a Sinner, and I was powerless to make myself right before God.  My behavior, no matter how good, was powerless to change my sin nature.  But because of the great love with which He loved me, Father sent Jesus to take the punishment for every sin I have committed in the past and will commit in the future. 

Jesus took the blame and punishment for everything I have done or will do wrong and gave me the credit and reward for everything He did right.  Jesus also made a way for me to born a second time from His Seed, effectively killing my sin nature and recreating me with a new nature, His divine nature.

Righteousness is now more than a quality I have or something I aspire to do. Righteousness is my new nature.  Just I was powerless to make myself righteous, I am powerless to keep myself righteous.  My frame is dust and my mind needs to be reconditioned because it was infected, imprinted, and influenced by the world and my former nature.  Therefore, I still commit sin occasionally.

Thankfully, my righteousness is based upon what has been done for me and is not dependent upon my behavior, for my behavior, no matter how bad, is powerless to change my righteous nature.  

I humbly and joyfully submit myself to the righteousness of God.

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