Celebrating 25 Years

"A significant shift always involves a significant if."
"God can only take you as far as your trust in Him will allow."
"Don't you want to know what's on the other side of the wall you keep you hitting?"
"You are a spirit, you have a soul, and you live in a physical body."
"There is no greater evil more readily accepted and tolerated than worry. "
“I was bought with a price, my life is not my own to do with as I please.”
“Are you expecting more today than you can produce on your own?“
“Discipleship is finding out who you became the day you became a new creation in Christ.”

Welcome to Heritage Online

Christ is our message! We preach to awaken hearts and bring every person into the full understanding of truth. It has become my inspiration and passion in ministry to labor with a tireless intensity, with his power flowing through me, to present to every believer the revelation of being his perfect one in Jesus Christ.

-Colossians 1:28 (TPT)

Pastors Mark and Pam Winslett

HCC Now Podcast
HCC Now Podcast
05/03/23 Wednesday - Fellowship With God -Pt. 3

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